My WHMIS Expired

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WHMIS 2015

Your WHMIS MAY be expired if...

You are seeing hazardous products in your workplace that you do not recognize the hazard symbols for


It has been more than one year and if you have completed training and testing on a current version WHMIS course.

Other than your internal safety manager or the individual that is responsible for your WHMIS training, there are two situations where someone would be interested in your WHMIS training records:

  1. When a provincial health and safety inspector is conducting an inspection in a workplace, they have the authority to ask questions of employees as well as any subcontractors or other people in the workplace to determine if workplace health and safety regulations are being followed.
  2. The people who are in charge of a workplace as the employer, supervisor or manager, are responsible for ensuring that ALL workers have the appropriate training and are aware of the companies health and safety policies and safe work procedures.

 This has created a situation where many contract workers are being required to show documentation or a WHMIS certificate when working on a job site where hazardous chemicals are present. It can even be a requirement that to bid on or tender for project work, that the companies submitting proposals include some form of documentation or a compliance statement to verify that all employees have the appropriate required training.

Retrain Workers in WHMIS